What you get

  • The plan

    Get an outline for how to kick off and run your documentation project. Set the team up for success and make sure it doesn't fall flat.

  • Building an SOP Culture

    Get higher buy-in from your team to use and develop the documentation system.

  • Interface Design Tips

    Lots of tips and examples of how to structure your assets, side-bar design, and document structure. All of these will make the tool more usable and easier.

Course curriculum

    1. The Tools

    2. Documentation Team

    3. The Why

    4. Implementation Timeline

    1. System Training

    2. Scripting & API Resources

    3. Select Beta Clients

    4. Interface Design Tips

    5. Side Bar Design Inspiration

    6. How to Structure Documentation

    7. Documentation Quick Tips

    8. 14 SOPs you should build first

    9. Sample SOP - Ticket Handling Procedure

    10. Sample SOP - "Slow Computer"

    11. Creating Additional SOPs

    12. Project Outline

    1. Build an SOP Culture

    2. Measure Your Efforts

    3. Team Workflow

    4. Clients Using Your Documentation?

    1. How was the course?

About this course

  • $175.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Templates
  • Examples to copy
  • Tons of additional Resources

Who is this course for?

  • A team who is just starting their IT documentation journey and want to get off on the right foot

  • A team that has a documentation system, but it isn't being used by the team consistently

  • A team who has some IT documentation, but wants to move to a structure documentation system like IT Glue or Hudu

Everything you need to have effective IT documentation