Get results fast!

  • PM Roadmap

    Learn a simple framework that will help you scope and manage projects for success. Built with MSP projects in mind.

  • Deliver on-time

    How to manage your projects. Stay on time and on budget. Without a lot of drama.

  • The human element

    Eliminate friction between sales and technical teams. Useful tactics to increase the quality of your interactions with project staff and the client.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Project Management for MSPs Course!

    2. The Project Maturity Spectrum

    3. Project Management Fundamentals

    4. The Role of the PM

    5. Using Your MSP Tools

    6. Pitfalls To Avoid

    7. One Page Summary of the MSP Projects Fundamentals

    1. Pre-Sales Fundamentals

    2. Scoping and Quoting

    3. The Planning Fallacy

    4. BOM & WBS Tools

    5. WBS/BOM Quoting Sheet

    6. Using a SOW

    7. SOW Template

    8. Sales/Pre-Scoping Overview One-Pager

    1. Project Planning

    2. Project Kick Off

    3. Project Execution

    4. PM Red-Light / Green-Light Reporting Tool

    5. Project Execution Pitfalls to Avoid

    6. Managing Scope Creep

    7. Scope Change Verbiage

    8. Project Closure

    9. Project Closure Document

    10. One Page Summary of Key Lessons for Kick-Off, Execution, and Close

    1. Before you go!

    2. Course Feedback

    3. Additional Reading

    1. How to run a project in Connectwise PSA

About this course

  • $525.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Become an awesome PM

The tools and practices you need to be successful right away

PM Tools included!

You also get simple and effective tools to help you scope and manage the projects

  • Scoping tool

    Free worksheet that allows you and your team to scope projects accurately in minutes

  • Scripts

    Bonus scripts for difficult conversations that help techs and PMs avoid scope creep

  • Templates

    Free templates to improve your statement of work and meeting agendas.

Course Testimonial

How this course helped an MSP owner in his own words

Expert Instructor

Chief Educator Todd Kane

I spent 15 years as a tech before moving into operations management. I have worked for 2 of the most successful MSPs in Canada and consulted for many emerging MSPs to help them mature their businesses. The systems I used in multiple companies before moving to consulting resulted in doubling top-line growth, doubling headcount, and consistently growing margins by double digits.

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